Advocacy Resources

  • What do other students have to say about CSMG and advocacy?
  • How can I know that advocacy really works?
    • See some results compiled by Catholics Confront Global Poverty.
  • What policy goals does the Church promote or prioritize?
    • Check out the comprehensive list from the U.S. Bishops.
  • How do I go about visiting a member of Congress?
  • What are the issues that CSMG participants took to the Hill?
    • The official page detailing those issues is here.
  • How can students, faculty, and staff from my campus be involved with CSMG and the Young Leaders Initiative (YLI) next year?
    • Visit the YLI webpage to learn about the timeline of registration and mark the dates for next year on your calendar: January 23-26, 2016.  We will post more information on this blog as it becomes available.

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