“Global solidarity has become real for them”

Catholics Confront Global Poverty, an initiative of USCCB and CRS, recently interviewed Dr. Jerry Zurek. Dr. Zurek is the chair of the Communication Department at Cabrini College, an ACCU member. He has participated in various initiatives for social justice and action at Cabrini, including the institution of a unique curriculum requirement based on CST values, a university partnership with CRS, and facilitating advocacy work among his students.

In his work, Dr. Zurek has partnered with many different organizations, such as CRS University, Catholics Confront Global Poverty, Jesuit Refugee Service, Justice for Immigrants, and NETWORK, in order to connect his students with advocacy resources.

Additionally, his students developed the immigration simulation that has been featured on ACCU’s Peace and Justice blog before, and which won a Global Solidarity Grant from ACCU and CRS. Because of students’ engagement with social justice through his classes and through advocacy work, Dr. Zurek says, “Global solidarity has become real for them.”

Read the entire interview here.

Advocacy Resources

  • What do other students have to say about CSMG and advocacy?
  • How can I know that advocacy really works?
    • See some results compiled by Catholics Confront Global Poverty.
  • What policy goals does the Church promote or prioritize?
    • Check out the comprehensive list from the U.S. Bishops.
  • How do I go about visiting a member of Congress?
  • What are the issues that CSMG participants took to the Hill?
    • The official page detailing those issues is here.
  • How can students, faculty, and staff from my campus be involved with CSMG and the Young Leaders Initiative (YLI) next year?
    • Visit the YLI webpage to learn about the timeline of registration and mark the dates for next year on your calendar: January 23-26, 2016.  We will post more information on this blog as it becomes available.

Action Steps Against Hunger

What are simple ways for college students to learn about world hunger and engage their campus community? See Catholics Confront Global Poverty’s four steps against hunger:

  1. Use this prayer before mealtime.
  2. Watch this video by Pope Francis on hunger.
  3. Take to Social Media to bring more attention to this issue! Feel free to retweet and repost these messages from CRS:
    • Twitter: A meal makes a big difference. It encourages school enrollment, improves attentiveness & nourishes a child. #WFD2014
    • Twitter: The @USDA funded CRS #FoodForEducation programs are meeting simple needs, but are making a huge difference: http://bit.ly/1sg9I0E. #WFD2014
    • Facebook: A meal makes a big difference. It encourages school enrollment, improves attentiveness and nourishes a child. The U.S. Department of Agriculture funded CRS Food for Education programs are meeting this simple need in 6 countries and are making a big impact: http://bit.ly/1pjOXuB.
  4. Raise Your Voice! Following Pope Francis’ call, we invite you to get ready to raise your voice on behalf of our brothers and sisters who struggle with hunger once Congress returns to DC following the mid-term elections. It’s likely that two pieces of legislation related to addressing hunger, Agriculture Appropriations and Feed the Future, will be taken up by Congress the week of November 10. Learn about these pieces legislation, and consider advocating for them.