Gonzaga University Paves Way to Care for Creation

Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA was recently praised by the city’s mayor, for it’s collaborative efforts in improving the city’s safety and environment. Working with the city officials, civil engineering students and faculty at the Jesuit university helped improve a busy city roadway by developing a solution that will not only benefit pedestrians and drivers, but will also benefit the environment- specifically the Spokane River. Sharp Avenue is now paved with porous asphalt, a material that decreases the environmental impact of heavy rain or snow. By allowing the run off to be filtered of toxins and returned to the earth through a more natural process, this type of paving will “[ultimately] protect the health of the Spokane River.” said Spokane Mayor David Condon at a ceremony inaugurating the reopening of the street. The improvements also include various new safety measures, aimed to protect users of this high-traffic area.

One aspect of Gonzaga’s overall mission is to care for the planet “with responsible stewardship of our physical, financial, and human resources.” The installment of this safer and more environmentally sustainable road, is a great example of members of the Gonzaga University community innovatively carrying out that mission.  To read the full story, visit Gonzaga University’s website here.

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