Message from the Franciscan Action Network

The People’s Climate March is less than one month away – on Sunday, September 21st!

This march for action on climate change will begin in New York at 11:30 a.m. from this route. A press release went out on the 22nd of August with statistics from representatives of some of the 750 organizations around the world that are supporting the People’s Climate March. Some organizations include the largest transit workers union in New York City, and a coalition of Buddhist monks. In total, the groups represent roughly 100 million people worldwide. Needless to say, the marchers are expected to number in the hundreds of thousands. Several people, including FAN’s Patrick Carolan, offered quotes about the March, why they are involved, and what they hope to see happen after the March.

There is still time to sign up to host people who are traveling to New York for the march, and you can find FAQs about that process on the housing portion of the website.

Make sure to register if you plan to march!

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