Pope Francis and Global Education

Recently, a non-Catholic education advocate wrote about meeting Pope Francis and learning about Catholic Social Teaching for the first time. She was impressed by CST and its emphasis on the world as one human family – she drew parallels between CST and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She met with Pope Francis in order to learn about Scholas Ocurrentes, a non-profit Pope Francis founded before his papacy. The author learned about the organization’s commitment to inter-cultural dialogue, and noted that its work supports the themes of an option for the poor and vulnerable, the life and dignity of the human person, the call to family, community, and participation, and the rights and responsibilities of the community, particularly its responsibility to participate in education.

The author had five suggestions for Pope Francis and the Catholic Church as we go forward supporting education. See those suggestions below, or read the full article by clicking here.

1. Become a global education advocate

2. Focus on the most marginalized

3. Promote global citizenship within education systems

4. Mobilize multiple voices in society

5. Lean-in on the Catholic education tradition

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