University of Detroit Mercy creates Wheelchair Escalator

University of Detroit Mercy has partnered with the John Dingell Veterans Hospital in downtown Detroit to design and build the prototype of a powered platform lift called the Wheelchair Escalator. Both professors and students at the engineering and nursing schools are designing the product in order “to safely transfer a person in a wheelchair up a three to ten step staircase, moving vertically and horizontally, mirroring the action of an escalator.”

Detroit Mercy values collaborative learning that is centered on problem solving. Detroit Mercy’s “collaborative, cross-discipline technical approach to solving problems provides a unique learning experience for students that other institutions cannot rival.” Programs such as this allow students to see their work come to life by adding a dimension to their studies that is often difficult to find. They are able to apply concepts learned in the class room to directly improve the quality of someone’s life.

To hear more about this partnership and initiative, visit Detroit Mercy news.