University of Notre Dame Business Programs Benefits Alumni and Nonprofits

For the past four years the University of Notre Dame has been taking steps to increase alumni relations while advancing their Catholic social mission. The Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame created a program called ND Impact Partners which “connects ND business alumni with local nonprofits by enabling the alumni to work as part of pro bono consulting teams focused on solving strategic challenges for each organization.”

Through the program, alumni teams work with a given nonprofit for about four months prior to making recommendations to “each nonprofit’s board or executive leadership team.” Past projects include expanding the millennial donor base, creating new advertising plans, and developing new volunteer management strategies. The program has proven to be a major success with this past year having 14 projects spread across Chicago, Washington, DC, and South Bend. ND Impact Partners “not only provides an opportunity for alumni to give back in a way that leverages their business education and expertise, but the majority of the nonprofits they partner with are Catholic organizations,” fitting directly with the Notre Dame mission.

To learn more about ND Impact Partners and how to get involved, visit the Mendoza College site.

ACCU member colleges aid refugees

ACCU member colleges have been responding to the current child refugee crisis even before signing the recent Statement on Child Refugees. Recently, university presidents have been speaking out about the role of Catholic Higher Education in this crisis.

Students in the interpreting program at Loyola University New Orleans have been volunteering their time, interpreting for lawyers and immigration advocates serving unaccompanied immigrant minors in the New Orleans area. Not only are these students assisting in a current humanitarian crisis – they are also learning about the daily struggles and lives of these new immigrants.

The Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College has been working with community partners in order to develop a toolkit for recent immigrants. The toolkit is called “Know Your Rights – English for Speakers of Other Languages.” This toolkit innovatively merges English language learning and rights literacy so that toolkit users can improve their English while simultaneously learning their basic human rights and practical applications for difficult situations they may encounter as immigrants.

Within the past few weeks, Villanova CRS Ambassadors ran a letter-writing campaign to address the crisis of unaccompanied children crossing the border. They used resources from the ACCU blog (like the USCCB video ) to educate ambassadors on the situation and to help them write an advocacy letter with CST as the driving force.

What is your campus doing to aid refugees?  Let us know!