Students Gives the Gift of Sight to Children

Logan Towe, a student at The College of Saint Scholastica traveled to Guerrero, Mexico with Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH). VOSH works in community optometry clinics and matches clients with glasses. While working with VOSH, Towe handed people their glasses and got to see their expression light up because they were finally able to see clearly. VOSH provides glasses to both adults and children, but only in adult sizes.

Because of this, Tower was “inspired to create his own nonprofit to address the need [so] he founded Mission4Sight to collect glasses for children.” People can donate children’s glasses at local Duluth optometric stores that will then be given to children in need. Towe collected hundreds of glasses to bring on his next trip to Mexico. He recalls a story about a little girl who made a strong impression on him during the second visit. He says, “At, first she didn’t understand what was going on, and she cried when I put the glasses on her. She had a strong prescription and the glasses need to be adjusted. So I sized them up and put them on her, and she immediately stopped crying.  She was looking around the room, she was so curious because she had never been able to see that well in her whole life.”

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