St. Edward’s Alumni Starts Nonprofit within Years of Graduation

Alumni from St. Edward’s University are living the university mission of compassion and service far beyond graduation. Chelsea Elliot ’12, started a “nonprofit to screen kids for the preventable vision and hearing ailments that had taken the sight in her left eye and the hearing in her right ear.” Elliot has grown her nonprofit, called The Half Helen Foundation, by acquiring “five cutting-edge Spot vision screeners that can take 23 eye measurements in a matter of seconds.” Since the founding of the nonprofit, Elliot has screened more than 35,000 children and developed a treatment-tracking app thanks to a $100,000 grant from the St. David’s Foundation.

Elliot’s work was also recognized in 2015 when she was featured as a CNN hero, a “program that honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions in the lives of others. Elliot notes that she “surrounds herself with people who believe in her cause as much as she does and bring skills and ideas that complement her own” which has led to the success of the nonprofit.

To read more about The Half Helen foundation, visit St. Edward’s news.