Saint Peter’s University opens Center for Undocumented Students

Saint Peter’s University (NJ) has announced the opening of The Center for Undocumented Students (TCUS). The new center strives to support the academic work of undocumented students at the university, shed intellectual light on the political and economic realities of immigration in our world today, and create a community where undocumented students feel welcome. TCUS works with community organizations, government agencies, high schools and other Jesuit colleges and universities to create better access to higher education and increase retention rates among undocumented youth. As noted in the article from the Jesuits USA Northeast Province, the Center offers a way for Saint Peter’s University to live in a more intentional community with undocumented students, better accompanying them and supporting them as they pursue their dreams of higher education.

Learn more about Saint Peter’s new Center for Undocumented Students in the university’s press release!