Resource for Teaching Environmental Justice

Seattle University just unveiled a brand-new resource on teaching environmental justice! Last year, the University’s Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability supported Environmental Studies professor Dr. Trileigh Tucker and her exploration of the teaching of environmental justice around the country. The result is a robust resource, highlighting syllabi, unique classroom and field exercises, popular teaching texts, and a searchable database connecting themes to resources. This compilation was designed with the intention of helping others integrate environmental justice into their courses, and with the hope that it will enhance others’ teaching experiences.

See the teaching resource here.

Video on Immigration and the Catholic Church

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor: Immigration and the Catholic Church is a video by USCCB Migration and Refugee Services that highlights the Church’s long history of pastoral care for immigrants and advocacy on immigration issues. Share the video to help Catholics and non-Catholics alike become informed about the Church’s important work in these areas.