Quincy University Graduate Students Ease Children’s Foster Care Transition

Students from Quincy University’s Master of Science in Education Counseling program recently promoted the city’s Chaddock Foster Program. Graduate students worked with local organizations, schools, agencies, and private donors “to advocate for Chaddock’s mission and provide assistance to Chaddock’s Foster and Adoption Program.” Often times children are placed into foster homes with little notice and time leading to foster homes lacking necessities to best serve the children during the difficult transition.

Students developed a donation drive in order to create placement bags that will be given to children as they enter new foster homes. The placement bags are an opportunity for children to experience comfort in an uncomfortable situation. The bags include basic hygiene items as well as special gifts. The drive was made possible through partnerships with local agencies and through the help of private donors.

To read more about Quincy University’s participation in this donation drive, visit Quincy news.