Connecting with the CCHD Collection

Every year, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving (that’s this Sunday!), the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (an initiative under the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) holds its annual collection. This collection is different from others not only because 25% of the collection goes to your own local diocese, but also because the remaining 75% of the proceeds go to social justice projects across the country. Grassroots organizations apply for grants through the CCHD, and the grant money is used to address the root causes of poverty by helping people to help themselves.

What does this have to do with Catholic higher education? Catholic colleges and universities have a long history of rich partnerships with CCHD-funded groups – from helping a community coffee shop get off the ground to leading advocacy for workers’ rights.

Campuses can get involved in the fight against poverty in a number of ways – whether students donate funds, host a collection at their university, or educate and learn by reading the blog for the USCCB’s Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development, which often features CCHD storiesThis weekend, contribute to the Twitter campaign #powerofCCHD. If you want your campus to partner with a CCHD-funded group in your diocese, contact us at ACCU and we’ll put you in touch!