Resources for Faithful Citizenship

Election season can be challenging, but it is also a great opportunity to help Catholics reflect on the call to form our consciences and engage in political life. Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship is the U.S. Catholic bishops’ reflection on the call to participate.

Other resources are also available, such as Part 1 and Part 2 summaries of the statement, a teaching video, discussion questions, faith sharing sessions, ideas for campus ministers, and simple handouts on conscience formation, civil dialogue, and contacting your elected officials. The website also has other materials to assist in holding candidate forums and conducting voter registration drives.

In addition, the website provides ideas for year-round, ongoing efforts to put faith in action on campus through efforts to pray, reach out, learn and act together.

Thank you for your efforts to form consciences for faithful citizenship!

Catholic & Evangelical Leaders Urge Political Action on Climate Change

In a strive to encourage recognition and response to climate change as an urgent and moral issue, Catholic and Evangelical leaders, inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, have begun signing onto an open letter to members of Congress and presidential candidates.  Organized by Faith in Public Life, the letter includes signatures from 20 Catholic university presidents.

Click here to read more about the letter and how Catholic and Evangelical leaders are standing with Pope Francis.