Saint Anselm Nursing Students Take their Services and Learning Worldwide

Saint Anselm College nursing students recently further developed their skills while completing clinical work in Cost Rica through the course, Community and Public Health Nursing. Through this immersion experience, students have the opportunity to “assess families in the community to provide health education, and then refer sick patients to receive health care in the clinic that the group sets up and works at.” This winter trip is a core component of the course which aims to discuss the role and impact of nurses in health promotion and disease prevention on a worldwide scale. The goal is for students to discuss what they learned in Cost Rica in a classroom context to further understand the concepts of communicable disease, environmental health, and disaster relief.

Students note that the course takes on a holistic approach, by stating “it has a focus on not just assessment but on the resources available to vulnerable populations, and learning how to treat the whole person.” This fits perfectly in line with the Saint Ambrose’s mission of fostering a “lifelong pursuit of truth and fostering intellectual, moral and spiritual growth to sustain and enrich its graduates’ personal lives, work, and engagement within local, national, and global communities.”

To read more about Saint Anselm nursing student’s experience, visit Saint Anselm news.

Rivier University’s School of Nursing allows for Underrepresented Students to Succeed

Rivier University’s Project Archive continues to find success since the program was first developed in 2014. Project Achieve is a “program designed to increase diversity in the nursing workforce that offers underrepresented student groups with opportunities to expand their understanding of nursing careers and to hone study strategies that lead to academic success.” Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, Rivier’s President, noted that “national data shows that underrepresented students benefit significantly through a pre-orientation to the academic environment.” The results and students of Project Achieve reflect this data. Underrepresented nursing students enrolled in their final year of the RN-BS program throughout the 2015 and 2017 produced a 100% passing rate of the NCLEX-RN. Of the seventeen participating students in 2017 Project Achieve, seven languages are spoken and five continents are represented.

Project Achieve accomplishes their goals by offering first-year students the opportunity to participate in a summer enrichment program that focuses on the study of anatomy and physiology, nursing professionalism, cultural development, research skills, and an orientation to clinical expectations. In addition, students enrolled in Project Achieve take part in team building and “collective problem-solving activities to strengthen their confidence, expand their skills, and ease their transition to university life.” Rivier University strives to equip all students with the necessary tools to succeed academically, mentally and spiritually, as demonstrated by Project Achieve.

To hear more about Project Achieve, visit Rivier news.

Courageous Voices: Investing for the Long Term

Regis College has committed to help address the longstanding shortage of healthcare workers in Haiti through the Regis College Haiti Project. The Regis College School of Nursing, Science, and Health Professions has partnered with the Haitian Ministry of Health, private and public nursing school leaders in Haiti, and a Boston-based medical charity to launch an innovative, master’s degree education and leadership program for Haitian nursing faculty, most of whom have the equivalent of an associate degree. Upon graduation, the students will become nursing faculty who will then lead the institutionalization of the program in Haiti for future nurses.  The first cohort graduated in February 2014–watch the project video to learn more about the impact the program has had on them and to learn more about the project.

Over the next few weeks, we will release short stories about the courageous voices of our member colleges and universities.  Stay tuned to hear about how students, faculty, and staff are responding to Pope Francis’s call to social justice and a culture of encounter.  If you are still curious about how Catholic colleges and universities are promoting social justice on campus, read the original blog post on the Courageous Voices series, or check out ACCU’s inventory of promising practices, which includes many examples of our members engaging with Catholic Social Teaching.