Inclusion on Campus: Connect with Efforts Addressing Diversity Beyond Campus

St. Thomas University (FL) partners with MCCJ, formerly the Miami Coalition for Christians and Jews, for the annual MetroTown diversity leadership camp on the university’s campus. The six-day camp brings together high school students from across the region to learn cross-cultural teamwork and conflict resolution by exploring race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and socio-economic issues. Thomas University’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) staff served alongside MCCJ staff as hosts and counselors of the camp, while introducing the students to the opportunities for community-engaged learning at the university.

Students from the University of St. Francis (IL) serve as fellows for the Multi-Cultural Education Recruitment in Teaching program, which seeks to increase diversity among PK-12 teachers. Participants explore issues related to the demographics of the teacher and student pipelines, as well as national efforts to diversify the teaching profession.

Over the next few weeks, we will release short examples of diversity at Catholic institutions of higher education as part of a series called “Inclusion on Campus”.  Stay tuned to hear how Catholic institutions are promoting diversity as an expression of God’s grandeur!

A Call to Combat Racism in Jesuit Higher Education

Food for Thought Friday: In a recent America Magazine article, , author Alex Mikulich highlights how Jesuit colleges and universities can increase diversity and combat racism.  He calls for greater diversity among student bodies and faculties and multicultural programming, noting that “The rationale for Jesuit institutions to develop bold initiatives for both diversity and racial equity are deeply rooted in Jesuit and Catholic values”. He calls for an “analysis of white privilege, power, and racism in the context of US history”, transformative training and practices to increase diversity in students, faculty, and staff, and liberation from intellectual, moral, human, and spiritual deformities caused by racism.

Mikulich mentions some Jesuit higher education institutions have begun to act on their commitment to diversity, equality. He writes “some schools, like Fordham University and other institutions, have engaged in proactive, antiracist institutional training through Crossroads Ministry or the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, which offer training, resources, and capacity-building to engage racial equity practices.”  Read more in his essay, Breathing Space.