Catholic & Evangelical Leaders Urge Political Action on Climate Change

In a strive to encourage recognition and response to climate change as an urgent and moral issue, Catholic and Evangelical leaders, inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, have begun signing onto an open letter to members of Congress and presidential candidates.  Organized by Faith in Public Life, the letter includes signatures from 20 Catholic university presidents.

Click here to read more about the letter and how Catholic and Evangelical leaders are standing with Pope Francis.

Patents on Life: Through the Lenses of Law, Religious Faith, and Social Justice

In Fall 2015, the interdisciplinary conference, Patents on Life, will be held at Cambridge University in England. Sponsored by the Von Hügel Institute at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University, and the Terrence J. Murphy Institute for Catholic Thought, Law, and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas, this two-day international conference will examine the ethics of patent ownership of living matter, the effects of private ownership and restriction of access of genetic knowledge, and the intrinsic morality of various forms of research proposed as subject matter for patentability.

Starting on Friday, September 4th and lasting until Saturday September 5th, the Patents on Life: Through the Lenses of Law, Religious Faith, and Social Justice conference will bring together leaders from a wide range of disciplinary expertise and perspectives to address the legal, ethical, and political questions surrounding the patenting of life forms and the role that law can play in the construction of just patent laws throughout the world.

Register now for your opportunity to explore the wisdom of patents on living matter! To learn more about registration fees, accommodations, and other information regarding the international Patents on Life conference, click here.