Misericordia University to Open Center for Human Dignity in Bioethics, Medicine, and Health

Misericordia University recently announced that it is launching a Center for Human Dignity in Bioethics, Medicine and Health. The center will prove beneficial to Misericordia because 40 percent of the student body is enrolled in health and medical sciences programs.

Stacy Gatlin, who will serve as director, stated that “[Misericordia] plans to develop a generation of scholars, bioethicists, and future community leaders who are engaged in research and program development that goes beyond the classroom. We will offer programs that aim to transcend generational, religious, and professional boundaries, and unite the community in service of a shared ideal: the importance of balancing necessary medical and scientific progress with the need to protect the sanctity of all human life.”

To read the full article, view the National Catholic Reporter Online.