Marygrove College Begins Program Focused on Restorative Justice

Marygrove College is beginning an online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree, a program with a restorative justice emphasis designed for current or aspiring criminal justice professionals.

“In this time of crisis, where there is distrust between law enforcement and the community,” said Marygrove College Provost Dr. Sally Welch, “our institution is prepared to help bring about peace and reconciliation through its online Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice based on Restorative Justice principles.”

Restorative justice is a victim-centered response to crime that views criminal behavior not as a violation against the state, but one against people and relationships. It is an alternative to retributive justice, “an eye for an eye”.  As a result, those who practice restorative justice respond to crime by transforming the traditional relationship between communities and government, giving all stakeholders—both the victim and perpetrator—the opportunity to identify and take steps to redeem their broken situation.

To learn more about restorative justice, visit the Catholic Mobilizing Network website.

Courageous Voices: Taking a Vocal Stand on Immigration Reform

College and university presidents occupy a unique position, able to use their status and visibility to call attention to critical issues. In 2013, more than 100 ACCU presidents signed a plea to Congress to exercise compassion and enact commonsense immigration reform. And in 2014, Marygrove College president David Fike appealed to President Obama to address the crisis of refugee children fleeing Central America, rallying over 50 ACCU presidents to sign a statement affirming their commitment to humanitarian support for the refugees.

Over the next few weeks, we will release short stories about the courageous voices of our member colleges and universities.  Stay tuned to hear about how students, faculty, and staff are responding to Pope Francis’s call to social justice and a culture of encounter.  If you are still curious about how Catholic colleges and universities are promoting social justice on campus, read the original blog post on the Courageous Voices series, or check out ACCU’s inventory of promising practices, which includes many examples of our members engaging with Catholic Social Teaching.

Marygrove College Calls on President Obama to Resolve the Refugee Crisis of Children Fleeing Violence in Central America

In the first-of-its-kind statement by a U.S. college president since this crisis began, Dr. David J. Fike, the president of Marygrove College, stated that Marygrove College is committing college resources to provide education, shelter and other assistance to the refugees. About this crisis and the College’s decision, Dr. Fike says, “Jesus does not call upon us to respond to our fellow human being’ needs from a position of fear and selfishness. And, fundamentally, I believe the Marygrove community views our response not as something being taken from us but as an opportunity to offer leadership that lifts up this country’s most cherished values and an opportunity to experience the joy and love of serving those in need.” Read more on Marygrove’s Refugee Crisis webpage.