Manhattan College Alumni Attribute Lasallian Education to their Work of Service

Manhattan College alumni have continued their work of service after their college days. Steve Smith and Stephanie Minister have been serving on the Board of Directors of the United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH) since 2013. The organization works to “improve the lives of underprivileged and disabled children in Haiti by providing medical care, housing, and education.”

The two alumni were reunited 1,500 miles from their alma mater in Haiti and were reconnected thanks to their shared work for USFCH. Smith manages grant applications and Minister supports USFCH’s social media outlets. USFCH started as a single orphanage and has grown to aiding schools, hospitals, and their newest project, the Christian Institute for Technical Training (C-Tech). C-Tech will offer “programs in trades where there is a need for the technical skills in order to help graduates find employment when they complete their schooling.”

Smith and Minister attribute their dedication and desire to aid those in Haiti as “an extension of their Lasallian education and experiences at Manhattan and they encourage others to make any effort they can to help those in need.”

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Manhattan College Opens Student Run Fair Trade Store

Last spring, when students from Manhattan College’s School of Business were brainstorming potential group projects for the 2016-17 academic year, Dean Salwa Ammar, Ph.D. and Gwendolyn Tedeschi, Ph.D., brought up the idea of a student-run store focusing on selling fair trade products. A large group of students quickly embraced the idea and it has become a popular space for buying, selling and entrepreneurship in action.

The idea was a logical partnership of the School of Business’s innovative culture and the leadership of Campus Ministry and Social Action’s in the fair trade movement. In 2012, Manhattan College became the first Fair Trade Certified College in New York City. The fair trade store directly furthers this mission.

“We could’ve opened up a store and sold anything,” Aileen Farrelly ’95, assistant professor and assistant dean in the School of Business, said. “Fair trade embodies our Lasallian values, is critical to the College’s mission, and using fair trade products to launch this project helped our students learn about all aspects of running a business.”


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