Iona College’s Partnership shows they are still #StrongerThantheStorm

Students from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York participated in the St. Bernard Project “Friends of Rockaway.” Friends of Rockaway seeks to aid victims whose lives were shattered from Hurricane Sandy, which occured nearly five years ago. The St. Bernard Project also helps “recovery of several disaster-impacted communities in the area. Its main roles are home repair and clean up, both of which Iona College students got to take part in.”

Although the Hurricane Sandy happened five years ago, there are still significantly numbers of families that are struggling to get back on their feet and return to where they were financially prior to the storm. Iona College has participated with the St. Bernard Project for a number of years now, with students noting that “the kind-hearted staff of St. Bernard’s was a great community to work with.” Most recently students helped rebuild a family’s home from the ground up. Students also said that the “on-going need for continued assistance in picking up the pieces for those lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy” needs to be reiterated because there is still so much to be done.

To read more about Iona’s partnership with the St. Bernard Project, visit Iona news.

Peace and Justice in ACCU’s Winter Newsletter

ACCU just released Update, its Winter 2014 newsletter! You can read it in its entirety here, but be sure to pay special attention to the sections devoted to peace and justice. These highlights include:

  • Labor: Cost of a Commodity or Commitment to a Covenant? (special feature on CST, mission, and human resources)
  • Walsh Lends Support to Solving Hunger
  • Reaching Refugees through Online Education
  • Rockhurst Symposium Examines the Power of the Francis Papacy
  • Holy Names University Goes Solar
  • Institutions Commemorate Anniversary of Jesuit Martyrs in El Salvador

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