Fordham Becomes Latest Catholic Fair Trade University

The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities extends its congratulations to Fordham University for being the latest Catholic university to be designated a Fair Trade University! Fordham students have worked hard to create Students for Fair Trade (SFT), the official fair trade student organization at Fordham, and to incorporate fair trade products into daily life at the university.

SFT is a student-run club that promotes fair trade in business and consumption through education and advocacy. Through SFT, Fordham has been able not only to sell fair trade products at almost all of their restaurants and bookstores, but also to host employees of Alta Gracia, the only garment company in the global south to be certified for paying its workers a living wage.

Congratulations to Fordham for their great work in promoting fair trade!

October is Fair Trade Month!

Use this opportunity to promote Fair Trade at your university. Fair Trade is a movement and a label that is only awarded to products that were created following strict guidelines ensuring that the people involved in the making of the product were justly compensated, and that they worked in an environmentally sustainable manner. You can promote Fair Trade practices ob your campus in a lot of different ways: