Iona College’s Partnership shows they are still #StrongerThantheStorm

Students from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York participated in the St. Bernard Project “Friends of Rockaway.” Friends of Rockaway seeks to aid victims whose lives were shattered from Hurricane Sandy, which occured nearly five years ago. The St. Bernard Project also helps “recovery of several disaster-impacted communities in the area. Its main roles are home repair and clean up, both of which Iona College students got to take part in.”

Although the Hurricane Sandy happened five years ago, there are still significantly numbers of families that are struggling to get back on their feet and return to where they were financially prior to the storm. Iona College has participated with the St. Bernard Project for a number of years now, with students noting that “the kind-hearted staff of St. Bernard’s was a great community to work with.” Most recently students helped rebuild a family’s home from the ground up. Students also said that the “on-going need for continued assistance in picking up the pieces for those lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy” needs to be reiterated because there is still so much to be done.

To read more about Iona’s partnership with the St. Bernard Project, visit Iona news.

Iona College Using Cars to Aid Veterans

Iona College recently partnered with Wrap for a Cause, a program looking to promote awareness for charities by using campus vehicles as mobile billboards. Iona has been promoting local non-profit Operation Valiant Veterans this past semester. Operation Valiant Veterans seeks to “raise scholarship, educational and health resources benefiting veterans in the New York metro area colleges and universities, one mile at a time.” Paul J. Sutera, Iona College Senior Vice President for Advancement & External Affairs, stated that “our veterans have given so much with their service to our country, and we, at Iona, appreciate their dedication and sacrifice, and are proud to be able to give back.”

Wrap for a Cause is a mobile marketing company that partners with local non-profits and charities in order to promote awareness of non-profits such as Operation Valiant Veterans. Iona College respects and defends the mission on Operation Valiant Veterans to “fight for the future health and safety of our men and women in uniform as they transition into civilian life” in any way that they can.

To hear more about Iona’s partnership, visit Iona news.

Iona College Hosts their Annual Peacemaking Week

Iona College recently concluded their annual Peacemaking Week. The 2017 Peacemaking Week centers on the theme “Self + Other + Earth = A formula for Our Future.” The Week of the Peacemaker begins with “Hope and Healing in the Anthropocene.” The event featured a day of contemplative inquiry with a “host of healers, teachers and spiritual practitioners who look to guide those in attendance into informative and transformative dialogue on the challenges of being well and offering wellness-of body, mind, and spirit-to an ecologically, socially and spiritually suffering planet.”

The keynote presentation was given by Karenna Gore, the director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. Gore’s keynote will focus on her experience working in the legal center of Sanctuary for Families, which serves victims of domestic violence and trafficking and as director of community affairs for the Association to Benefit Children (ABC), which provides early childhood education and other services for families living in poverty in New York City.

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