Food for Thought Friday: Global Poverty & Income Around the World

Pew Research Center has released a new and interesting research analysis on global poverty and the global middle class, as well as a great interactive map displaying the world population by income. Through their analysis, they found that in 2011, a majority of the world’s population (56%) continued to live a low-income existence, compared with just 13% that could be considered middle income by a global standard.  Although there was growth in the middle-income population from 2001 to 2011, the rise in prosperity was concentrated in certain regions of the globe such as China, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Check out Pew Research Center’s new research analysis and interactive map for a closer look at their findings!




Presidents Pledge to End Poverty

Global poverty is a big issue that, while possible to solve, still remains one of the biggest challenges today. Mindful of the impact personal giving can have on those living below the global poverty line, presidents, past presidents, and presidents emeriti have taken The Presidents’ Pledge Against Global Poverty to donate a portion of their paycheck to overcome global poverty.

Knowing the obligation posed by Catholic Social Teaching to show compassion, consideration and respect for the poor and vulnerable, presidents from ACCU member colleges have been active in participating in the pledge. Leading by example, these presidents are promoting Catholic mission and identity on their campuses by engaging with Catholic Social Teaching. Read the full story and learn more about the pledge here.