St. John’s Students Travel to Guatemala to Provide Medications for Community

St. John’s University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences students were able to travel to Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala last October with the Glen Falls Medical Mission Foundation thanks to the generosity of several alumni. The students “established and operated a one-week makeshift medical clinic in an underserved community near Guatemala City.” During the trip, led by assistant professor Chung-Shien Lee, students arranged a functional pharmacy with donated supplies.

The trip proved to be a major eye-opener for students and changed their views on healthcare access. A student noted that “an 81 year old woman traveled six miles at 3 AM to get medications for herself and family members who were currently sick.” Students heard numerous stories similar to this woman’s, which set the reality that so many people are suffering from such treatable ailments. Students returned to the US with a recognition of how blessed the US is to have access to these medications. Students explained how attending this trip reaffirmed their commitment to the Vincentian mission to serve.

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