Mount Mercy University Hosts Former Gang Member Turned Doctoral Student

Mount Mercy University recently hosted a former gang member turned doctoral student to share his story of overcoming obstacles to ultimately earning his PhD. Jason Sole was a former drug dealer, street gang member, and three-time convicted felon that was raised in Chicago. Sole turned to a gang early on his life in order to feel authority and financial stability that he could not find elsewhere. As a result of this, Sole was incarcerated several times over the course of his life. There came a point when Sole recognized he needed to make changes in his life, this is when he turned to education and earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in criminal justice and is currently completing his dissertation to complete his doctorate in public safety.

Mount Mercy students noted that “they felt compelled to bring Jason to campus because of everything that has been going on in the country, and what has happened in the past and what continues to happen. It is not often that those in the black community are given a second chance at life once placed in the criminal justice system. Jason is a living testimony of that.”

To read more of this event, visit Mount Mercy news.