University of Dayton Celebrates Fair Trade Designation

Last month, the University of Dayton celebrated their designation as a fair trade university with an event at the university bookstore. Fair Trade Campaigns recognizes towns, colleges, universities, schools and congregations nationwide for  embedding fair trade practices and principles into policy.

The university signed a resolution over the summer agreeing to fair trade practices, stating: “The University, as a large-scale employer and consumer and leader in international education, fully endorses the national community’s call to ‘Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all’ and to ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and productive patterns’ as evidenced by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8 and 12) and sees supporting fair, ethical, and sustainable sourcing as an effective way to put these principles into practice.” In addition to the resolution, University of Dayton also offers fair trade products in each outlet on campus, sustains a group working on implementing fair trade strategies, serves fair trade products at University events, and commits to a fair trade education.

As University of Dayton Provost Paul Benson states “This aligns our practices with our Catholic, Marianist principles, and affirms our dedication to deepening these practices.” Watch the video celebrating the designation here.

Fordham Becomes Latest Catholic Fair Trade University

The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities extends its congratulations to Fordham University for being the latest Catholic university to be designated a Fair Trade University! Fordham students have worked hard to create Students for Fair Trade (SFT), the official fair trade student organization at Fordham, and to incorporate fair trade products into daily life at the university.

SFT is a student-run club that promotes fair trade in business and consumption through education and advocacy. Through SFT, Fordham has been able not only to sell fair trade products at almost all of their restaurants and bookstores, but also to host employees of Alta Gracia, the only garment company in the global south to be certified for paying its workers a living wage.

Congratulations to Fordham for their great work in promoting fair trade!

Fair Trade Your Summer!

This year, several Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities member institutions joined the ranks of Fair Trade Colleges and Universities! To help students and faculty of these institutions, as well as any promoters of fair trade products, continue consuming fair trade, Fair Trade USA has released a helpful guide for summer drinks and smoothies! From the Bhakti Chai Tropical Ginger Smoothie to the Honest Tea Peach Pick, their seven suggestions are sure to help you relax and enjoy your summer. Happy fair trading!

Register for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s Student Summit

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education invites all students interested in promoting and enacting sustainability efforts at their campuses to join them for their annual Student Summit.  Taking place October 9-12, 2016, the Summit will give participants the opportunity to explore career options in sustainability and ways to enact concrete change on their campuses. Attendees will also be able to network and collaborate not only with peers, but also with professional leaders in sustainability, as well as sustainability activists.

Cosponsored by a host of organizations and initiatives such as The Campus Kitchens Project and Fair Trade Colleges and Universities, the Summit is sure to be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and explore, and to grow in their leadership skills. Be sure to register by July 15, 2016! 

How does your college or university promote sustainability? Let us know! 

Carroll College Becomes First Fair Trade College in Montana

As more Catholic colleges and universities join the ranks of Fair Trade Colleges, Carroll College in Montana has recently achieved a significant milestone: it is now the first in its state to be awarded the certification.

For the past three years, Carroll College has been striving to achieve fair trade certification. The committee responsible for the achievement led the college in the five Fair Trade Campaigns steps: Build Your Team, Reach out to Campus Outlets, Source Fair Trade at Events and Meetings, Commit to Fair Trade Education, and Pass a Fair Trade Resolution.

Carroll College advances fair trade principles in several ways, including sponsoring “Fair Trade Fridays,” bringing local fair trade vendors to campus, and selling fair trade chocolate for holidays. In addition, the College now sells fair trade coffee, tea, artisan goods, ice cream, and chocolate on campus.  Many Carroll professors are committed to educating students about fair trade in the classroom, especially in relation to global poverty and care for creation.  The director of the Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice at Carroll College, Dr. Chris Fuller, noted that the certification is “a manifestation of Carroll College’s mission to serve the poor and marginalized as well as its work with Catholic Relief Services”.

Learn more about Fair Trade at Carroll College and how to become a Fair Trade College!

October is Fair Trade Month!

Use this opportunity to promote Fair Trade at your university. Fair Trade is a movement and a label that is only awarded to products that were created following strict guidelines ensuring that the people involved in the making of the product were justly compensated, and that they worked in an environmentally sustainable manner. You can promote Fair Trade practices ob your campus in a lot of different ways: