Loras College to Start Peace Institute for High Schoolers

In response to the growing conflict in our nation and world, Loras College will launch a Peace Institute that will provide emerging area leaders with the opportunity to gain unique skills they can use to promote peace in their personal and professional lives. To respond to the global reality of difference and division, Loras College is establishing the Peace Institute to create a new approach to forming future leaders in the way of peace. For three days, high-school aged youth from a variety of faith backgrounds will participate in an overnight camp and will engage in programming on peace with self, others and the world. They will be taught skills like non-violent communication, inter-religious literacy, and relationship building by professors and area practitioners.

The Loras College Peace Institute will take place August 4-6, 2017.  Applications will be accepted through May 15.  To learn more, visit the Peace Institute’s website.