Catholic Relief Services Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

On April 16, 2016, Ecuador endured a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. According to Michigan Technological University, this type of ‘major’ earthquake only occurs an estimated twenty times a year, as opposed to the ‘strong’ earthquakes, which occur an estimated 100 times a year. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) reports that this is “one of the most powerful in Latin America over the last two decades,” and has taken the lives of at least 500 people.

Many towns in the affected area are experiencing power outages, lack of running water, and the devastation of coastal infrastructure. In response, CRS has been directing its efforts towards meeting the immediate needs of remote areas that have not yet received assistance. Their work currently includes bringing clean water, temporary shelter, food, and living supplies to those in need. Sanitation and hygiene will also be provided, so as to prevent the spread of disease.

Ecuador is in desperate need of assistance and any contribution counts. Anyone can donate as an individual or set up a fundraising campaign with their campus, school, or parish.  Be sure to check out other ways to respond, and join us as we pray:


How is your college or university contributing to assisting Ecuador? Let us know! 

Responding to Nepal

Following the tragic earthquake in Nepal, member colleges and universities are responding compassionately. The people of Nepal need prayers and financial support now in order to heal, but they will also need continuing resources in the future to rebuild. Here are a few examples of how some of our member colleges are reaching out to help:

  • Caldwell University held a candlelight walk and program to support its 33 students and many alumni from Nepal.  Speakers at the program included Hritesh Regmi, a student from Nepal, and Dr. Nancy Blattner, president of the University.  Caldwell students have set up a Facebook page, “Caldwell University Prays for Nepal“, raising over $10,000 for the America Nepal Medical Foundation.
  • The Office of International Enrollment and Affairs at Gannon University set up a prayer space with prayer flags, candles, and paper to write encouraging messages showing their support for the earthquake survivors.
  • CRS Universities such as University of Dayton and Marywood University are connecting their campuses with prayer resources, giving information, and links to the CRS donation page in order to contribute to short-term relief and long-term efforts in Nepal.
  • Villanova University CRS Campus Ambassadors held “Fuel Up for Nepal” during finals–giving away fair trade coffee and chocolate at the library while collecting donations for the relief effort in Nepal.
  • Jesuit universities across the country are holding prayer vigils, taking up collections, and offering masses for the people in Nepal.

Is your campus offering support to survivors of the Nepal earthquake? Contact us at and let us know how your college or university is involved.

CRS responds to the Nepal Earthquake

On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 5,500 people and causing widespread damage.  Many survivors are in need of basic necessities such as food and water.  Catholic Relief Services is on the ground in Nepal, and CRS University has shared ways that colleges and universities can respond to the disaster and help the survivors in need on their blog.  University communities are invited to respond with CRS by giving, praying, learning, and acting.

Prayer for Nepal