Inclusion on Campus: Increase Affordability for Underserved Student Populations

Financial support can be critical to attendance decisions. Beginning in fall 2017, Immaculata University will offer a $10,000 inclusion grant to five full-time freshmen. The grants will support initiatives that strengthen and promote diversity on campus, focusing on student with diverse racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.

A College of Saint Benedict alumna committed $1.5 million to create scholarships for students from under-represented communities and first-generation students, challenging participation from other alumni.

Each year at St. Edward’s University, 35 students from migrant worker families enter the College Assistance Migrant Program, which provides nearly full financial support, as well as a dedicated office that acts for many as a segunda casa.

Over the next few weeks, we will release short examples of  diversity at Catholic institutions of higher education as part of a series called “Inclusion on Campus”.  Stay tuned to hear how Catholic institutions are promoting diversity as an expression of God’s grandeur!