Resource: Toolkit for Advocating for the Rights of Unaccompanied Children

toolkit_for_advocating_for_rights_of_unaccompanied_children_image-1-244x300The Ignatian Solidarity Network released a toolkit to enable individuals at universities, high schools, parishes and other ministries to engage their faith congregation or campus, government representatives and local community members in the issue from a faith-based perspective grounded in human dignity.

The toolkit, titled “The Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Such As These” can be found here.

Humanitarian Responses to Children Refugees

The Franciscan Action Network shares stories and resources about the refugee crisis in Central America. The Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and US Jesuit Conference researched the migration trends over the last decade and put together the following video explaining what is driving people to flee for their lives:

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities in Syracuse, NY also released a statement of their “complete support of humanitarian efforts to assist  children entering the United States from Central America.” Read the full statement here.

Marygrove College Calls on President Obama to Resolve the Refugee Crisis of Children Fleeing Violence in Central America

In the first-of-its-kind statement by a U.S. college president since this crisis began, Dr. David J. Fike, the president of Marygrove College, stated that Marygrove College is committing college resources to provide education, shelter and other assistance to the refugees. About this crisis and the College’s decision, Dr. Fike says, “Jesus does not call upon us to respond to our fellow human being’ needs from a position of fear and selfishness. And, fundamentally, I believe the Marygrove community views our response not as something being taken from us but as an opportunity to offer leadership that lifts up this country’s most cherished values and an opportunity to experience the joy and love of serving those in need.” Read more on Marygrove’s Refugee Crisis webpage.