Saint Anselm Students Spend their Break Serving

A total of 138 Saint Anselm College students gave their time and energy by serving with the Service and Solidarity Missions during their winter break. From January 6-13 groups of about twenty students traveled to ten different U.S. sites, ranging from Appalachia to Washington, DC. The Service and Solidarity Missions offers alternative winter and spring break trips that include service in a variety of areas, including home repair and construction, food service, social justice in the city, refugee resettlement, and many more.

Saint Anselm students continue to participate in these alternative breaks because it gives them the opportunity to “plunge into challenging service circumstances” and transform the lives of everyone participating. Lauren Case ’19 speaks of her time serving with Service and Solidarity Missions by saying, “I get to see the light of those we get to serve; the happiness and appreciation that they show towards us is unreal.” These trips provide students with experiences that are useful throughout their life whether in service, prayer, relationships, or in the classroom.

To read more about Saint Anselm’s Service and Solidarity Missions, please visit Saint Anselm news.

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