Spalding University Launches Latest Greening Initiative

SpaldingSpalding University has recently launched a major component of its greening initiative with the dedication ceremony of 2.2-acre Trager Park, “a grassy recreational space that has been repurposed from an unused pad of asphalt.” Trager Park was created to offer students and community members a space for sports and recreation on Spalding’s campus.

The park will also positively impact the local community by diminishing the urban heat island effect in the area. According to the Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability, Trager Park will contribute to reducing surface temperatures and the amount of water that enters the storm water system. In addition 100 trees will be planted and will “increase the tree canopy of a neighborhood that currently only has a 9 percent canopy, which is below the 15 percent recommended for central business districts by American Forests.” Trager Park is the most recent effort by Spalding to contribute to their greening initiative.

To read more about Spalding’s greening initiative, visit Spalding news.

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