Iona College Using Cars to Aid Veterans

Iona College recently partnered with Wrap for a Cause, a program looking to promote awareness for charities by using campus vehicles as mobile billboards. Iona has been promoting local non-profit Operation Valiant Veterans this past semester. Operation Valiant Veterans seeks to “raise scholarship, educational and health resources benefiting veterans in the New York metro area colleges and universities, one mile at a time.” Paul J. Sutera, Iona College Senior Vice President for Advancement & External Affairs, stated that “our veterans have given so much with their service to our country, and we, at Iona, appreciate their dedication and sacrifice, and are proud to be able to give back.”

Wrap for a Cause is a mobile marketing company that partners with local non-profits and charities in order to promote awareness of non-profits such as Operation Valiant Veterans. Iona College respects and defends the mission on Operation Valiant Veterans to “fight for the future health and safety of our men and women in uniform as they transition into civilian life” in any way that they can.

To hear more about Iona’s partnership, visit Iona news.

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