Promote Fair Trade on your Campus for Free!

October is Fair Trade Month! This makes it a great opportunity to take action and get your campus involved in the Fair Trade Campaign. Fair Trade is about “empowering us all to make a shared investment in the communities that provide for us, reversing the damaging effects of poverty and injustice, and turning every shopping trip into an opportunity to make an immediate and lasting difference in the world.” If this is something that you are passionate about, sign the pledge to choose Fair Trade Certified products when you shop.

One easy way for your campus to get involved in the Fair Trade Campaign, is through “Fuel Up for Finals with Fair Trade.” This is an opportunity to get free materials to host a Fair Trade sponsored study break or other event during finals week. The kit includes fair trade coffee, chocolate, tea, fair trade fact sheets, and other fair trade goods. This is a simple and easy way to promote Fair Trade on your campus. Sign-up before November 1 by visiting Fair Trade Campaigns.

To learn more about Fair Trade Campaigns and “Fuel Up for Finals with Fair Trade,” visit Fair Trade Campaigns and the ACCU Fair Trade Brochure.

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