University of Portland Students Plunge into Service

University of Portland welcomed its first-year and transfer students with an invitation to serve the Portland community. Each year the Moreau Center, which is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and seeks to examine issues of poverty and injustice, hosts the annual Service Plunge. The event took place prior to the start of the academic year and was open to incoming first-year students and transfer students. The Service Plunge provided an opportunity for students to spend their first days at University of Portland serving the community. It also provided an opportunity for students to meet new people and develop a deeper understanding of how to best serve the needs of the local Portland community.

Volunteers worked on projects at 11 different locations in and around Portland which ranged from volunteering at the Boys & Girls club to clean-up and preparation at several schools and Portland Parks & Recreation playgrounds. The Service Plunge ended just in time for students to attend orientation and become fully immersed in the University of Portland community.

To read more about the Moreau Center and the Service Plunge click here.

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