Seton Hall University Aids Hurricane Victims

Throughout the last couple weeks the U.S. has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. These hurricanes have caused destruction throughout the US and Caribbean leaving thousands of people without homes and causing them to rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Seton Hall University showed their support of those affected by the hurricanes on Wednesday, September 13th. “Go Blue for Hurricane Relief” sought to “leverage the power of the University community by channeling donations to the communities that need them most.” “Go Blue for Hurricane Relief” was a way of standing in solidarity with those struggling with the devastating effects of the hurricanes. The University called on its 100,000 alumni base to give at least $5 to aid hurricane victims. It is also called for alumni, faculty, staff, students, and parents to wear Seton Hall apparel or the color blue in order to show unity and solidarity with the Gulf Coast.

On Seton Hall’s campus there were donation stations located at different areas in order for students to easily aid those in need. They also had a special collection at mass on September 13th with all the money collected going directly to the victims of the hurricanes. The University also encouraged those participating in “Go Blue for Hurricane Relief” to post on social media using the hashtag #SetonHall in order to spread the word.

View the full article here and donate to Catholic Charities USA Disaster Fund online.

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