Inclusion on Campus: Help Bridge the Transition to College

For degree completion, some students – especially those who are first-generation college students – need encouragement and support in setting a path to higher education. Donnelly College’s Gateway to College program is designed for high school students who have fallen behind in their studies because of family issues, language challenges, or other reasons. The free program helps motivated students earn a high school diploma while amassing college credits.

Each summer, Duquesne University hosts its Project SEED program, which provides economically disadvantaged high school students an opportunity to define a STEM-related research project and work in a campus lab alongside a faculty supervisor and graduate student mentor. “Project SEED provides these students with the support, encouragement and mentoring that they need to pursue a career in the sciences,” said Dr. Jennifer Aitken, director of Project SEED and associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Duquesne.

The Center for Student Success at Saint Leo University assists targeted student populations and their families in transitioning to the university. The program encourages academic, professional, and personal development through a range of resources.

Over the next few weeks, we will release short examples of  diversity at Catholic institutions of higher education as part of a series called “Inclusion on Campus”.  Stay tuned to hear how Catholic institutions are promoting diversity as an expression of God’s grandeur!

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