Inclusion on Campus: Increase Faculty and Staff Diversity and Encourage their Commitment to Inclusion

Diversity among faculty and staff can create a more inclusive and robust learning environment for everyone. At the College of the Holy Cross, the Diversity Leadership Team is charged with developing a comprehensive approach to diverse hiring, including building networks to attract a diverse faculty. The team also works on developing faculty’s inclusion skills in teaching, scholarship, and community engagement. Reflecting on their Catholic identity, the team is focused on the relationship between diversity, education, religion, and social justice transformation. They do this in a variety of ways including: encouraging the practice of authentic, daily interaction between people of diverse backgrounds and acting as a leader and resource for the community in developing a Campus-wide diversity plan.

At Xavier University (Ohio), Mission Animators — a group of faculty and staff who work to integrate Jesuit identity into everyday campus life — is offering mini-grants this year to faculty and staff who create programming on the theme of immigration. Events funded by these Mission Animators include a film screening of Documented, a lecture series on “Serving the Mental Health Needs of a Refugee Population”, and a photo exhibition on the lives of immigrants in Cincinnati entitled, “Americans? Foreigners? Citizens!”

Over the next few weeks, we will release short examples of  diversity at Catholic institutions of Higher Education as part of a series called “Inclusion on Campus”.  Stay tuned to hear how Catholic institutions are promoting diversity as an expression of God’s grandeur!

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