Saint Joseph’s College Begins International Graduate Certificate in Christianity and Integral Ecology

The International Graduate Certificate in Christianity and an Integral Ecology:   A World to Live and a Life to Love is a joint venture between the Laudato Si’ Institute of the Archdiocese of Granada, Spain and Saint Joseph’s College. This program enables students to take as their own by understanding deeply Pope Francis’ teaching that each person’s vocation is to be a protector of God’s earth.

On their program website, Saint Joseph’s College explains the purpose of the program to communicate “to students the knowledge and skills needed to develop theological and ecological literacy appropriate to the intent and mandate of Laudato Si’, to apprehend the vocation to protect and respect, and to actualize that vocation as they discern it according to their states in life, their professional goals, and their own spiritual journeys as theologically literate Catholics within the dynamics of the New Evangelization.”

The graduate certificate consists of five (5) 3-credit courses: three fully online and two hybrid with a week each on site in Standish, Maine, USA, and Granada, Spain. The program is completed over a 17-month period: April 2017 through September 2018 with a 3-month break January through March 2018.

For more information, visit the program website.


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