Misericordia University Begins Music and Memory Program

Students at Misericordia University are bringing music to residents of a local nursing home through the nationwide Music and Memory Program. Students are collecting iPods to use to provide personalized music collections to patients that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or cognitive challenges. The music awakens memories that had previously been thought lost. For many patients, listening to songs that they used to love immediately have a positive reaction.

The first patient the students worked with was Elizabeth Wallace, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Elizabeth had not spoken for over four years. After spending time listening to the iPod given to her by Misericordia students filled with her favorite songs, she began making eye contact, nodding her head and even responding “yep” to a question from her husband.

Upholding the dignity of every person is central to Misericordia’s Catholic identity, with programs like these that reflect that commitment at every stage of life. Read more on the Music and Memory Program at Misericordia University here.

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