Department of Education Releases ‘Beyond the Box’ Resource Guide

With the awarding of 67 Second Chance Pell Grants and the launching of the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge, the White House and the Department of Education are making impressive efforts to offer both incarcerated individuals and individuals returning from prison or returning citizens an opportunity to not only pursue higher education, but also to obtain meaningful employment. In another stride towards removing barriers from societal participation for these individuals, the Department of Education has also released a resource guide for institutions and businesses seeking to go ‘Beyond the Box.

Referring to the box or question on admissions and job applications regarding criminal history, ‘Beyond the Box’ is an initiative that seeks to “increase access to higher education for justice-involved individuals,” as the resource guide states. The guide gives important background information on the near impossibility to access higher education and employment after incarceration, the benefits of providing access to returning citizens, and a step-by-step guide for institutions considering going ‘Beyond the Box.’

For the 600,000 people who re-enter society each year in the United States, it is the hope of the ‘Beyond the Box’ initiative to show that their success is indeed possible.

Will your college or university go ‘Beyond the Box’? Let us know! 

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