Loyola University Chicago’s Vietnam Center Bridges the Gap


National Catholic Reporter recently featured an article on the Loyola University Chicago Vietnam Center, highlighting the Center’s work on healthcare in Ho Chi Minh City. The Center, directed by Fr. Julio Giulietti, SJ, works to advance “people-to-people exchange programs for Vietnamese doctors, surgeons, scientists and scholars to improve their educational and technical skills.” In Vietnam, Loyola faculty members can be found giving lectures and hands-on instruction to Vietnamese nursing and medical students.

One specific area of instruction in Vietnam is aimed at fostering a “patient-centered approach” in healthcare. The lack of adequate instruction for Vietnamese nursing and medical students often results in frustration, in addition to unreliable healthcare, which puts patients in further danger.

Additionally, the university offers a summer English Language Learning Program in Chicago for Vietnamese high school students looking to grow their skills in English and learn more about American culture. About the Learning Program, Fr. Giulietti says:

“We are well aware of the high failure rate among Vietnamese high school graduates who are not adequately prepared to live and study in America. We want to be part of the solution for this vexing problem.”


According to Fr. Giuletti, the Vietnam Center is the only Catholic, Jesuit and American institution that works openly in Vietnam.

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