Vatican to Host Youth Symposium on Human Trafficking

It is well known that one of Pope Francis’ areas of of passionate interest is ending human trafficking and sex trafficking. According to National Catholic Reporter, he has declared human trafficking to be “a crime against humanity” and “an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ.” This cry against the crime that is human trafficking has been echoed by young people across the globe and is evidenced in the upcoming Youth Symposium.

On November 7-8, the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences will host the “Real Love Chases Away Fear, Greed and Slavery” Youth Symposium. The Academy has issued an invitation for young people all over the world to participate in raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking and global slavery. It is a continuation of last November’s workshop on Young People Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking and seeks to “create a handbook to be distributed among young people throughout the world, explaining the different forms of modern slavery and how youth can play a significant role in the global efforts to end it”.

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