CRS and ACCU Announce Global Solidarity Grants

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) University Engagement ( and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) are jointly offering small grants of up to $2,500 to ACCU member institutions to advance Catholic mission through global solidarity by developing creative projects that move them towards a CRS Global Campus designation.

Learn more about CRS Global Campus designation, CRS student ambassadors, and CRS Faculty Learning Commons.

Proposal criteria

Appropriate projects will draw on the programs and resources of CRS’ University Engagement.  They will foster and build commitment to the CRS Global Campus designation through innovative and high-impact events and programs that embed Catholic social teaching, prayer, education and action (including advocacy).

Projects that promote collaboration across campus (i.e., between academic and student life areas), reach a significant portion of the campus population and have a digital and traditional media dimension are highly regarded.  Projects must involve students in a significant way but must have a faculty or staff sponsor.

Application components

  1. Cover Sheet – List the title of project, primary sponsor(s) and contact information, amount requested, and 100-word description of the project. An administrative contact (grants officer or business office administrator) must be identified. The cover sheet must be signed by the sponsor(s) and the administrative contact.
  2.  Narrative – For each of the three following areas, please describe:
    1. The educational rationale and goals behind the proposal, the intended audience, how it advances global solidarity through CRS as a part of the Catholic mission of the college or university and moves the campus toward becoming a CRS Global Campus.
    2. A project plan that details how the proposal’s goals will be met, and identifies the specific resources needed to accomplish the plan and proposed activities. Outline how campus constituencies will collaborate to carry out the proposal and explain the potential for continuing activity.
    3. The qualifications of the sponsors to carry out the project, and qualifications of other persons (e.g., guest speakers) who may help with the project.

The narrative must be clear, complete, and free of jargon. Please limit the narrative to three to five double-spaced pages.

  1. Budget – Provide an itemized list of proposed expenditures (stipends, travel, reference and teaching materials, fees, etc.). Stipends may not exceed $125 per day for participants from the sponsor institution, and no one person may receive more than $500 total for work on the project. Appropriate honoraria for speakers may be proposed. Support from other sources should also be listed if a project’s total cost is expected to exceed $2,500. Charges for administrative overhead (to cover business or grant office expenses) may not exceed 10 percent of the project total. Funds will be released only when the project is completed.

Grant applications are due on Friday, November 6, 2015, and should be submitted as a Word document or in PDF form to  Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of three to five representatives from CRS and ACCU. Notifications to grant winners will be sent in December 2015. Final project reports should be submitted to ACCU no later than May 31, 2016. The final report must include a summary of the event or project, including evaluation by the grantee, and a description of plans to continue the work. Photos, videos, and any media coverage would also be welcomed with the final report.

Please address questions or comments to: Alexandra Bradley, Director of Membership and Member Services & Programs, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, One Dupont Circle NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20036. E-mail: Telephone: (202) 457-0650, ext. 224.

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