Cabrini combats human exploitation

Cabrini College faculty and students have been very busy bringing awareness to issues of human exploitation. Students in a class called “Our Interdependent World” have developed a simulation that shows participants what it is like to cross the U.S.-Mexico border as a unaccompanied minor refugee. They were awarded a Global Solidarity Grant from ACCU and CRS in order to expand their program.

Read news articles about the #RefugeesSeekingSafety simulation here and here. Read a reflection on the simulation by a Cabrini student here.

Additionally, Cabrini is hosting a conference called “Human Exploitation: Ending the Demand” in order to educate about the connection between the demand for pornography and human trafficking. The conference will be on Saturday, April 11, and it will feature a documentary and various speakers.

See the conference poster here.

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