2015 Social Venture Boot Camp with CCUSA

The Social Venture Boot Camp, offered through Catholic Charities USA’s (CCUSA) partnership with the University of Notre Dame, is an opportunity for CCUSA members to strengthen their social enterprise efforts and face the pressing challenges associated with financial sustainability head-on. Economic justice is a critical issue, and social venture is an innovative method to help address the root causes of poverty.

Boot camp participants will be paired up with business mentors, as well as upper-level undergraduate and/or graduate students, as available, in a workshop environment to research and analyze the existing or proposed product or service and work through a business plan that the social venture program can then use to help guide future growth.

Applications for the 2015 Social Venture Boot Camp are due no later than Monday, April 6, and acceptance will be confirmed by the first week of May. Preparation work will be necessary and will be due by Monday, June 15. If you have any questions about the Boot Camp or how your group can put forth a competitive application, please contact Maria Gonzales.

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