Additional Lenten Resources from Jesuit Colleges

Are you looking for additional resources to help you grow in your faith during the season of Lent?  The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) has compiled a long list of Lenten resources, outlining what Jesuit colleges and universities are offering to their campus communities during this liturgical season. Additionally, the page features a number of online resources for prayer and meditation.

Rockhurst University and St. Joseph’s University’s programming includes themes related to peace and justice. Rockhurst created a video that highlights what service means to the university community, and how that community strives to find God in all things. St. Joseph’s is hosting a series called #LentenLunches, which includes a simple meal, conversation, and faith sharing.

To read more about these initiatives and for other Lenten news, including online resources for prayer and meditation, visit AJCU’s website.

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