CRS Seeks Research Consultant

Catholic Relief Services’ five year strategic plan features a goal of engaging 10 million Catholics in the United States by 2018.  Our college/university audience is a key segment of focus within this strategy.  While our CRS University outreach ( offers an array of programs/resources to engage faculty, students and administrators, there continues to be an expressed desire for a deeper, first-hand encounter with our overseas work. CRS would like to be able to respond to these multiple requests, but only if the encounter with overseas work leads to concrete results that support and are in alignment with the overall CRS strategy.

CRS proposes to examine the feasibility of this concept with the intent to develop a model of a short-term, outcomes-intensive international field study/immersion program for the academic audience we serve.  The program will be designed with faculty participants in mind; however it should also be designed with some flexibility so that the model could be used for other university participants, such as staff, administration, and select students.

To accomplish this, CRS seeks a highly qualified and experienced consultant who can conduct this research, design a proposed program for a potential Solidarity Bootcamp Initiative (SBI/A), participate in the pilot immersion experience to test and refine the proposal, and revise the proposal accordingly.

The primary outputs from this consultancy would be:

  •  A proposed design of a recommended program model that would provide a cost-benefit analysis to CRS agency leadership and examine the capacity, resources, and staffing  required to support this program.
  • A summer 2015 pilot immersion experience based on the proposed program model for the consultant and selected academics to an overseas CRS program-site (likely Ghana, West Africa).

Please share this Scope of Work with those you think might have an interest and ability to might be a good fit for this temporary contract position. Click here for more information.

Please direct candidates to send a statement of interest and their resume or CV to by December 1st, 2014.

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