Thoughts on the Church and Climate Change

Want to catalyze discussion surrounding climate change and the Catholic Church on your campus? Consider showing the clip below, where the executive director of the Catholic Climate Covenant (an organization formed by the CCHD) discusses the Church and its stance on environmental issues.

Sample discussion questions:

  • Mr. Misleh spoke about the difference between using the words “environmentally friendly” versus “stewardship of the earth” when discussing the Church’s role in environmental issues. How does language play a role in how Catholics and non-Catholics alike perceive the Church, especially regarding this topic?
  • Mr. Misleh emphasized that the Church’s interest in the environment is “not something new.” Where have you seen the Church’s commitment for creation – both throughout history as well as in your own life?
  • Mr. Misleh gave examples regarding how climate change affects the most vulnerable among us. What are different implications of this fact?
  • What does it mean to you to say that “creation is a gift”?
  • Mr. Misleh said that his motivation for his work in raising awareness about climate change is knowing the affects it will have on the lives of his children. What motivates you to make a difference?

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